February 22, 2021

Options and Tips For A Quick Home Sale

So, you want to sell your house? Regardless of why you’re selling, you’re going to want to do so as fast as possible. There are quite a few reasons why people would be motivated to quickly move through the home sale process, and there are also several ways to make a quick sale happen. Depending on your motivations, you’ll want to strategize on how you move through the steps from listing to closing. We did some research on options and tips for a quick home sale based on insights from top agents in the country and here’s what we found: 

Uncover Your Motivation

Like we previously mentioned, everyone has a motivation to sell their home quickly. When you uncover your motivation, you can then come up with a game plan that suits your needs and your timeline. If you need a quick sale to avoid foreclosure, then your options for selling quickly are going to differ from those who want to avoid their home’s listing becoming stale. 

Find a Realtor

Before you make any big decisions, find a good real estate agent. Interview several agents to learn their past experiences and how their track record lines up against others’ in the area. Delve into the statistics revolving around how they’ve handled selling houses in your particular area. What was the average number of days between listing and closing? How close to the listing price was the home sold for? During the interview, don’t be afraid to ask them about how they plan on selling your home fast.

Choose a Fair Listing Price

One of the most important tips for a quick home sale is choosing a listing price that’s right on the money. Homes listed for too high are going to lower your pool of potential buyers. Conversely, a home with too low of a listing can leave buyers asking “what’s wrong with this house that it would be valued so low?” Your real estate agent will be able to help you choose a price that’s fair and lines up with similar listings in the area. 

Smart Updates!

When getting ready to sell, it doesn’t make sense to dive into super expensive and time consuming renovations. Instead, choose ones that are smart, easy, and not expensive. Some ideas include painting the inside a fresh color, power washing the exterior, and adding mulch to your flower beds. In addition to these small but powerful home improvement projects, make sure to do a deep clean of your home and remove any signs of clutter. The more impressive your home looks, the more likely it’s going to be swept off the market in a heartbeat!

Use Technology to Your Advantage 

Back in the day, people relied on newspapers and word of mouth to discover homes for sale. These days, people have the option to view hundreds to even thousands of listings right at the push of the button. Use technology and the internet as your master tool to get the word out that your home is ready to be bought! 

A solid plan, smart home improvement projects, and a fair listing are some of many ways to set you up for success! By following some of these tips and also working closely with your real estate agent, you should have no trouble selling your home fast.