July 30, 2018


Being a parent is hard work and if your finances are tight, it can be even more challenging. Here are some savvy money-saving hacks that can help you cut costs when raising your children.

1. Swap Childcare

Are you longing for a date night but not sure how you’ll be able to finance the date as well as the hefty costs for a babysitter? If you’re not lucky enough to have willing family members nearby, why not connect with some of your children’s friends and ask if they want to take turns babysitting each other’s kids so you can have a child-free night. You can ask to do it every second weekend, or even once a week if you’re super keen. This is a great way to make close friendships with the parents while ensuring your kids are having fun with their friends and you’re getting a bit more freedom.

2. Home Made is Cheaper

If you have to send your children to school with lunch, buying a lot of things can become really expensive and even unhealthy. A simple way to keep costs down is to make sandwiches and provide fruit, instead of buying a lot of pre-made things that can add up really quickly. If you make things from scratch, then you know exactly what your kids are eating!

3. Organise a Clothes Swap Evening

You know that adults often organize fun clothes swap evenings, but why not organize one with a group of mom friends that have kids of a similar age. You can swap out clothes and shoes that don’t fit or work for your children anymore and other moms can bring along their things. You may walk away with a bunch of stuff that’s “new” for your kids, without spending a dime! If you don’t have any friends with children around the same age, then heading to a second hand or charity store is a great way to stock up on things without breaking the bank.

4. Make a Budget

Having a clear, concise budget that shows you how much money you have to spend and how is one of the best ways to save money. This ensures that you’re spending within your means and paying all your bills when they need to be paid. Without a budget, it can be easy to overspend in the wrong areas of your life, while forgetting to save for a rainy day. Make sure you’re saving at least 10% of your income for the future.

Getting creative is a great way to save money when you’re a mom and can result in substantial savings over the course of a year!