August 19, 2018


Buying a new house is one of the most important steps in lives of many people. And there’s a good reason for that – it can definitely make you happy and it will probably bring more changes in your lifestyle than you think. Whether you’re planning to move in with your partner for the first time or you’re just looking for a change, choosing the right type of house that provides everything you need from the inside and the outside is crucial when investing in a better future and spending money on it. If you are having problems deciding or you’re not sure what you like, we got you covered! Keep reading and check out those 5 amazing and inspiring properties that can be yours.

1.    Santa Maria Brickell

Even though it’s built in 1997, Santa Maria Brickell is a true shiny pearl and one of the iconic luxury residences of Miami. It contains 51 floors and holds 173 units that you can buy or rent. Its’ unique design makes it charming and beside enjoying in observing the interior, this condo offers an amazing view of Miami if you take a look through a window or step out on the room’s glass balcony.

2.    Icon South Beach

Icon south beach is a luxury condo based in Miami and built in 2005 has 40 floors and you can enjoy in the amazing city and water views from each one of 289 rooms. It’s a very original place created for those with great taste. There are cafes, business center, 2 pools, billiard room, fitness center, spa and everything else you need for a healthy and luxury lifestyle!

3.    South Pointe

Built in 1987, South Pointe was one of the first luxury condos on the South Beach, Miami. It’s just a few steps from Atlantic Ocean and it has very innovative and attractive architecture. It contains 203 luxury units with floor-to-ceiling windows, amazing balconies with great view, swimming pool, tennis courts, fitness center and more.

4.    Gran Paraiso

This luxury condo is located in North Edgewater, near the Midtown shopping and Miami Beach Bridge. It has 319 units and 54 floors. You can enjoy the amazing interior just as much as spectacular view during the day and night. Architecture displays floor-to-ceiling walls and glass-rail terraces and there’s also an astonishing pool terrace that represents a sanctuary of peacefulness. So if you want to relax and breath in the perfect life, than luxury Gran Paraiso is the right choice for you!

5.    Aria On The Bay

This brand new lux condo is built in 2018. It has 53 floors and 647 units. A modern structure combined with an elegant look provides you with an amazing experience and multiple atmospheres. The breathtaking views from the comfort of your own room will impress you. Aria on the bay provides many incredible things, and some of them are the highest level of splendor, different inside atmospheres, pool-resort deck and many more. This condo revolutionized Miami’s way of living and it’s a true heaven to be a part of it.