January 3, 2018


Are you hunting for ways to earn extra money? If you’re saving for something like an overseas holiday, trying to pay off your college loans or even saving for an engagement ring, you’ll soon realize that any bit of extra cash can really help boost your savings. Whether you’re at college, working full time, or a stay at home mom, here are some helpful ways to earn extra money:

1. Start a Blog

You might find it hard to believe, but it’s possible to earn a really good income from working online. Head over to to check out how well Michelle is doing – she makes around $100,000 per month through blogging. Of course, she didn’t start out earning that much from the beginning, but with dedication and hard work you can definitely build up an extra income stream from blogging.

2. Babysitting

Assuming you don’t mind children, babysitting can be a great way to earn some extra cash. The good thing about earning money by babysitting is that the money is usually paid in cash, and often you’re about to chill while the children are asleep or engrossed in the latest Disney film. This is a great way to add extra money to the saving account without having to invest too much time or effort.

3. Working Online

There are a number of sites such as upwork that allow you to search for online projects. You then bid on the job and if you’re awarded the work, you can get started right away. I suggest setting up a complete profile and thinking about what areas you’d like to work in. Maybe you love writing and wouldn’t mind making a pretty penny from it in your spare time? Perhaps you have some experience with social media management. Check out Upwork and have a look about what kind of jobs you could do.

4. Get a Second Job

If you’re already working part or full time, it might seem overwhelming to get a second job. The truth is a second income can go a long way when you’re saving. If you’re already working a corporate job, why not consider something less stressful for your second job. Maybe you could work in a restaurant or bar, somewhere social and where you can earn tips – they will really help boost your savings.

5. Start a Car Wash

If you have a house with a decent lawn, you can easily make your own car wash. Buy some good quality car cleaners, wax and high-quality cloths and there you go. A simple but effective way to make money!

6. Invest

If you already have a decent amount of savings, why not consider investing them to earn more money. I have found great success with investing some money into mutual funds. Do your research and don’t take this lightly as you can always lose your money.

7. Get Into Youtube

If you’re not camera shy and have a bit of free time, starting a Youtube channel can be an excellent way to make money. Bear in mind that it can take quite some time before you build up a decent enough following, but there are a few ways you can make money through Youtube. The most commonly known way is through advertisements and views: the more views you get, the more money you can earn. You can also collaborate with brands, in order to get paid cash directly. Be sure to start your Instagram and Facebook pages at the same time, as it will be important to reserve the names and to build up your social following!

8. Do Odd Jobs

Check out local newspapers and job posting boards for people looking for casual help. Maybe you can walk someone’s dogs on the weekends for a bit of extra cash. If you’re interested in working with the elderly, often people put advertisements out for some home assistance for family members that are aging. If you’re fit, why not consider mowing lawns for a bit of cash? The sky is the limit and it will depend on what’s needed locally, but odd jobs can be a great way to build up some extra money.

9. Drive With Uber

If you have your full driver’s license and access to a car, then you have all you need to be an Uber Driver. This can be a great way to earn some extra cash during your free hours. There’s a bit of a process you have to go through before you’ll be approved as an Uber driver, so if you’re interested in making money through driving for Uber, I suggest beginning the process as soon as possible.Here are 9 tips for earning extra money. Have you ever made extra cash through any of these methods? Let me know in the comments below.